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Choosing The Right Leaflet Distribution Company

Things to think about when

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When Choosing a Leaflet Delivery Company, There are a Number of Things to Consider…

Here are a few things you should probably think about before choosing a leaflet delivery company to entrust with the distribution of your valuable marketing material.


Price is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing your leaflet delivery company, and also whether or not you are going to receive the level of service that you have paid for and are entitled to expect.

Choosing the cheapest leaflet distribution service in Coventry… or anywhere in the UK for that matter, may well result in you getting your fingers burnt.

Delivering leaflets accurately is an extremely labour intensive job, and the distribution teams on the ground should be paid fairly in order to ensure that your campaign is handled professionally. Companies offering prices that don’t reflect this will probably not be committed to the task of delivering a successful campaign on behalf of clients. In many cases these types of companies won’t be looking to retain your business for future campaigns and be happy just to make a “quick buck” and disappear into the ether, only to spring up again under a different name and start the process all over again.

It’s obviously bad enough to pay for the delivery of leaflets that aren’t delivered, but to lose the leaflets themselves, which of course you’ve paid to have designed and printed, adds insult to injury & even greater unnecessary cost. You will find that reputable leaflet distribution companies will have very similar prices. The reason for this is that legitimate leaflet distribution companies know how much it costs to do the job properly and will not cut corners. It therefore follows that in order to make a fair profit they’ll need to charge out at the same sort of rates. At Defenda Leaflet Distribution we believe in providing: a quality service at affordable prices, prices & service levels that will keep you coming back again and again.

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Making sure that your chosen leaflet distribution partners are fully accountable for their service is another crucial aspect of ensuring your distribution campaign is conducted properly.

With huge advances in technology since the 90’s when Defenda Leaflet Distribution started out, GPS tracking devices are extremely easy to come by and utilise in this industry. In our opinion it should go without saying that your chosen leaflet distribution company should always provide at least some kind of tracking system alongside your campaign.

There are still a number of leaflet delivery companies out there that fail to provide any form of tracking whatsoever, which should raise questions as to whether or not there is  a reason that these organisations would prefer their clients to not be able to monitor their distribution staff.

Even the most basic tracking is better than nothing at all, however here at Defenda Leaflet Distribution we prefer to be completely transparent with our clients and provide live GPS tracking with all of our distribution services that allows our clients to monitor the progress of their campaign in real-time as our distribution teams are going door to door, for added peace of mind that the leaflets are being delivered professionally.

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Meeting Your Leaflet Distribution Service Provider

With the huge number of barriers the internet has allowed suppliers and consumers alike to overcome, it unfortunately can also allow less professional organisations to appear reliable and trustworthy with the help of a website, social media presence, and large numbers of positive reviews that are not always completely authentic.

This can often give unsuspecting clients a false sense of security when it comes to choosing the right distribution company for their marketing campaign, and although a company having a good web presence is something that you should be looking for, you should always try to meet the company you are going to be dealing with face to face, and at their premises whenever possible.

This will allow you to form your own opinion of the people you will be trusting with your valuable marketing material, and see if what they state on their website and social media pages rings true in reality.

You are always more than welcome to come in and meet us at our Coventry office and warehouse unit to plan and organise your distribution campaign, albeit abiding by the current social-distancing guidelines during these unprecedented times.

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Find Out Where The Company You are Dealing With are Based

It is always a good idea to find out exactly where the distribution company you are using is based when choosing a leaflet delivery company to conduct your work.

There are a number of organisations out there who will claim to be national leaflet distribution companies and offer the same distribution rates across the whole country, no matter the travel distance from their base. However, in reality this is something that simply can’t be done & they are simply brokers looking to make easy money by passing your job on. Some brokers are themselves leaflet distributors but unable to service a particular piece of work.

What tends to be the case, is that one of these brokers will receive an enquiry for an area well outside their usual catchment area (if indeed they even have one), and rather than do the work themselves, they will look for a more local company to do the work on their behalf. This is not necessarily a problem in itself. However, what tends to happen is the broker company will look for the very cheapest price in the area their client wishes to target – in order for them to maximise profit on the leaflet drop – often placing work with a company that is completely untried and untested. Thus you’re left running the risk of your leaflets ending up in the hands of a company that try and attract business solely on price, when service levels & response driven campaigns should be paramount in a client’s decision when selecting the most suitable distribution partner.

Here at Defenda Leaflet Distribution, we NEVER sub-contract our work out to third party companies, as our reputation is far too important to put in the hands of another organisation. Therefore any distribution drops that we conduct around the country are only ever fulfilled by our own full time, professional members of staff and the additional travel distance and logistical demands of conducting a remote leaflet delivery will be reflected in the overall price.


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