Need Advice On Leaflet Design & Planning Your Leaflet Distribution Campaign ?

Trusted distributors combined with Live GPS tracking helps ensure that your valuable leaflets end up in the hands of your potential customers.

Whenever you start to plan a leaflet delivery or any other letterbox marketing campaign, you will first need to identify:

Your target audience

The area or areas where you are likely to get the best response

The number of leaflets you will need to cover the area or areas you have chosen.

We are here to help remove the headache that this exercise often causes. We can help you map out the area and our sophisticated software will accurately identify how many houses (or commercial premises – if you only wish to target businesses) your chosen area contains.

You can then order the appropriate number of leaflets to cover the area, rather than guessing and finding you have either ordered too many or too few leaflets for optimum coverage.

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assistance with planning your leaflet distribution campaign