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Improve Your Public Consultation Process With Our Superb Timestamped GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution Service

The perfect flyer & leaflet delivery service for your statutory planning notice & other public notices.

When it comes to public engagement over planning & development projects, our highly tuned & accurate Live GPS Tracked Flyer & Leaflet Distribution Service is perfect for ensuring a successful public consultation process. We specialise in distributing a range of statutory public notices, including: statutory planning notices for planners, builders & developers at the start of the (LPA) Local Planning Authority’s Formal Public Consultation Period.

Our professional public consultation leaflet distribution service is offered nationally & is a Solus Service. Your public notice will be delivered exclusively with no other distracting leaflets, or with up to three other leaflets if you would prefer to opt for a shared service.

Find out More About our Live GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution For Public Consultation and Public Engagement Projects

As the first UK flyer & leaflet distribution company to introduce GPS tracked leaflet delivery back in 2008/9, it was no real surprise to find ourselves quickly working with many of the country’s leading property developers & planners to help them improve their public consultation process.

In addition to providing real-time GPS tracked distribution, clients can also access our timestamped distribution maps proving delivery to each property required to receive notification as part of the consultation process. We can also map and advise on property counts & help define areas that should be included in the public & community consultation process prior to the distribution of statutory notices.

As a Coventry headquartered leaflet distribution company, we initially provided our gps tracked public consultation leaflet distribution services to community planners, planning consultants, builders & land developers in Warwickshire & other parts of the West Midlands. However, over the last two decades the service has proven to be extremely popular & has since expanded to include the whole of the UK. This national public consultation leaflet distribution service now sees our teams delivering leaflets in counties around the whole country on an almost daily basis.

If your organisation is keen to embrace the latest technology to ensure your public consultation process adheres to best practice & that all relevant stakeholders have received the appropriate notification. And very importantly, that the receipt of the notification by consultees can be proved by our time-stamped service if necessary: then please get in touch to find out how we can help with your public & community engagement project.

As previously stated, Defenda Leaflet Distribution as public consultation leaflet distributors, offer a quality distribution service in compliance with Local Planning Authority (LPA) requirements regarding the public consultation process surrounding planning applications etc. The service is also regularly utilised by developers for pre-application consultation purposes as well as statutory planning notices, building & land development planning application meetings. Right of way changes, major events & road closures in rural or urban settings can also be efficiently & accurately communicated by a well targeted flyer or leaflet drop.

However, many organisations, as good practice, choose to make use of the service even when there is not a statutory requirement to do so. They do this in order to achieve early engagement with individuals or groups likely to be impacted by their corporate activities & plans. Holding meetings, organising events & exhibitions or even having company open days can be a great way for companies to seek & receive public feedback on any planned project, and also to gain extremely useful insight to any likely future objections to their plans at an early (less costly) stage.

We Provide Public Consultation Direct Marketing Support Services Across The UK

Whilst providing customer accessible Live GPS Tracked leaflet distribution for planning meetings etc is invaluable: our sophisticated mapping services can also be a valuable tool in the public consultation process: informing on household counts & commercial properties within the area defined for the notices to be delivered to.

We often work with the planning departments of major house builders, planning companies, local & national government to name but a few. Indeed the architects behind some of the UK’s & the world’s most iconic buildings & developments regularly employ our services.

If you are somebody in the process of seeking planning permission, a local authority, planner or anybody responsible for an organisation’s public consultation activities, why not contact us to explore how our leaflet distribution services can help you with your public engagement project.

Reliable LIVE GPS Tracked Leaflet Delivery You Can Trust

Live GPS tracking of your leaflet delivery as it’s happening gives you added peace of mind that your leaflets are being delivered correctly, and you are receiving the leaflet distribution service you have paid for.

Always make sure you are using a professional and reliable company to handle your important marketing campaigns.

Watch Us Work

As a long established leaflet distribution company formed in 1996 & the first in the UK to offer GPS tracked leaflet delivery, we understand how important it is for you to know your leaflets & flyers are being delivered faithfully. That’s why we go even further & give you live access to our tracking so you can watch us work in real-time & be completely confident that your public & statutory planning notices have been distributed with pinpoint precision.

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Leaflet distribution to help with your public consultation and public engagement by county.

We regularly provide public consultation leaflet distribution for planning applications & building developments in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire in what is roughly a band across central Britain.

Further south, our public consultation leaflet delivery service is utilised by community planners, builders & for other land development in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Suffolk, Wiltshire, Dorset & Somerset.

More northerly counties we often work in by way of supporting our clients’ public engagement & consultation process, include: Yorkshire, Lancashire & Cheshire.

Environmental Impact Assessment Leaflet Distribution

If after screening, an Environmental Impact Assessment or EIA is deemed necessary, our fully GPS tracked & timestamped leaflet distribution services are often utilised across much of the UK by organisations undertaking the EIA.

The nature of the tracked service makes it an invaluable tool for project managers, land developers & others to ensure that they are fully appraised of public & community environmental concerns over planned developments.

The timestamped maps & post-delivery report we provide is ideal evidence for LPAs Local Planning Authorities or the Secretary of State if the project falls outside the Town & Country Planning Act, that genuine & provable efforts have been made to notify & engage with all relevant stakeholders…and that community involvement & participation in the EIA has been sought.

> Contact us if you need help with the delivery of an Environmental Impact Assessment EIA Statutory Public Notice.

Professional Public Consultation Support For Planners

Leaflet Distribution Services & Pricing

We provide a number of different leaflet distribution services to suit all budgets. Whether you require a completely bespoke distribution campaign or are looking to benefit from a shared distribution at a lower cost we provide the relevant service. 


Live GPS Tracking

No matter which of our distribution plans you decide to go for, we provide real-time GPS tracking with every service, so you can rest assured that your leaflets are actually being delivered, and even monitor your campaign progress as it happens.


Precise Customer Targeting

Ensure your leaflets are being seen by the right people.

We utilise various sets of demographic data that we can use to ensure that your campaign is going through the right doors and therefore maximising your chances of a successful campaign.


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