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National Live GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution Service

Defenda Leaflet Distribution is a trading name of Defenda Marketing Services Ltd, which is headquartered in Coventry. We have offices & a presence in other towns and cities around the UK. — predominately in the Midlands. Our central location however, allows us to provide reliable & efficient door to door leaflet delivery services across the whole of the U.K. Something which is ideal for our multi-outlet customers & advertising agencies & marketing companies handling the direct marketing for national advertisers.

Unlike our competitors, our national leaflet distribution services are only ever carried out by our own full-time distribution teams. It is never sub-contracted out to 3rd party distributors.

The reason for this is that our reputation, built up from 1996, is far too important to place in the hands of another distributor. Advertising agencies & marketing companies have been booking our services for many years based on our first class reputation. They fully expect that we undertake the work ourselves and complete it to the extremely high standards & with the absolute transparency they demand. It is impossible to find another UK leaflet distribution company that can replicate our extremely high service levels — which would inevitably result in a customer being dissatisfied in the end — something we are simply not prepared to allow to happen.

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Our convenient locations mean we are constantly providing a range of our leaflet distribution services around the Midlands. Solus or solo leaflet  distribution, shared & our flexi-drop leaflet & flyer delivery services are almost always available in Coventry, Birmingham, Solihull, Leicester, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Nottingham, Derby & Northampton.

We’ll go to the ends of the earth to ensure your
leaflets reach every letterbox.

Clients in smaller towns in Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire can also access a leaflet delivery option from our various direct marketing or door to door distribution services. And of course, all services can be accessed by those in ‘Birmingham-shire’ or Greater Birmingham if you prefer.

Ultra-rural leaflet distribution, like our national leaflet distribution service, is generally provided on a solus or single leaflet delivery basis.

If you want help targeting rural villages anywhere in the UK — one of our campaign planners will be more than happy to work with you & provide demographic data to help drill down to your ideal target audience.

Flyer & Leaflet distribution in London is generally highly targeted by the client, working with us directly or through their marketing or ad agency.  It is therefore usually best suited to be delivered on a solus basis. We are however increasingly providing shared or shareplan London leaflet distribution.

National product sampling, national business to business or B2B leaflet & flyer distribution along with Enhanced B2B services are available.

If our nationwide distribution services interest you, why not contact us for a friendly discussion to see if we can help.

Our industry leading mapping technology and demographics data is extremely useful during the planning and design stages of a client’s local, regional or nationwide leaflet marketing campaigns.

In areas that we, and in some cases even our clients, aren’t particularly familiar with, we can utilise our various systems to glean important information on the inhabitants of the area, such as: average age, level of wealth, home ownership, ethnicity and much more besides. We can do this for any particular area of the UK that’s to be targeted. This gives our existing & potential new customers invaluable insight & competitive advantage – helping inform on the best strategy to effectively target the area, and the type of campaign that will be most effective – without any need to possess a huge amount of first-hand local area knowledge.

Once we have worked with you to identify the best potential target areas, we can also provide the number of properties in the area and the number of leaflets that will be needed to ensure that all the properties receive one.

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Leaflet Distribution Services & Pricing

We provide a number of different leaflet distribution services to suit all budgets. Whether you require a completely bespoke distribution campaign or are looking to benefit from a shared distribution at a lower cost we provide the relevant service. 


Live GPS Tracking

No matter which of our distribution plans you decide to go for, we provide real-time GPS tracking with every service, so you can rest assured that your leaflets are actually being delivered, and even monitor your campaign progress as it happens.


Precise Customer Targeting

Ensure your leaflets are being seen by the right people.

We utilise various sets of demographic data that we can use to ensure that your campaign is going through the right doors and therefore maximising your chances of a successful campaign.