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For the most effective GPS tracked flyer & leaflet distribution in Solihull, use a long established Solihull leaflet delivery company like Defenda Leaflet Distribution to attract new customers & boost your sales.

We distribute leaflets to all areas of Solihull including: Knowle, Dorridge, Hampton in Arden, Shirley and Monkspath.

Superior GPS tracked Solihull leaflet distribution. Rural & urban leaflet delivery services available from a respected local company.

Flyer and leaflet distribution in Solihull is an excellent way to drive up sales, build brand awareness or informing the public of upcoming planning applications or road closures.

Having been a historic method of information sharing & promotion, leaflet delivery in Solihull and the surrounding areas, paired with modern technology such as GPS tracking and specific demographic targeting really can produce outstanding results in today’s hi-tech noise-filled world.

Need help identifying the best areas of Solihull to target based on a range of metrics? Simply call us for help or see.

> More about area demographics & specific area targeting

If you’ve been searching for reliable Solihull leaflet distribution companies for a leaflet or flyer door drop — then we are the Solihull leaflet distributors for you. Established in 1996 we know the area intimately & have helped countless companies with their direct marketing campaigns.

Reliable LIVE GPS Tracked Leaflet Delivery You Can Trust

Live GPS tracking of your Solihull leaflet delivery as it’s happening gives you added peace of mind that your leaflets are being delivered correctly, and you are receiving the leaflet distribution service you have paid for.

Always make sure you are using a professional and reliable company to handle your important marketing campaigns.

Watch Us Work

As the area’s longest established leaflet distribution company & the first in the UK to offer GPS tracked leaflet delivery, we understand how important it is for you to know your leaflets & flyers are being delivered faithfully. That’s why we go even further & give you live access to our tracking so you can watch us work in real-time.


Our clients are amazed at how much extra business they do as a result of a professional leaflet delivery campaign.

We provide a Solihull leaflet distribution service to suit every budget.

Whether you are a local business wanting to attract new customers & boost sales with leaflet distribution in Solihull, Balsall Common, Sheldon, Shirley, or a national advertiser with local stores, we provide an unbeatable range of services at excellent prices to suit your strategy.

And of course, as the first UK leaflet distribution company to introduce GPS tracked leaflet delivery — every one of our services is backed-up by our customer accessible live GPS tracking. So with real-time access to our tracking software you know exactly where and when your leaflets are being delivered.

Have a look through our price list below to find the perfect Solihull leaflet delivery service and if there is anything else you want to discuss, just give us a call or drop us an email and we will be more than happy to help.

Our Solihull Leaflet Distribution Services & Prices

SOLUS Distribution

From Just


per thousand

Supported Solus

From Just


per thousand

2-Share Distribution

From Just


per thousand

Shared Distribution

From Just


per thousand

Flexi-Drop Distribution

From Just


per thousand

B2B Distribution

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Overcome The Trust Hurdles of Leaflet Distribution With Our Gold Standard Leaflet Delivery Service

One of the major hurdles for companies considering leaflet distribution in Solihull as part of their marketing mix has been the lack of transparency often associated with flyer delivery. All too frequently, businesses have had their fingers burnt by individuals & companies offering to deliver leaflets ‘on the cheap’ only to find that their leaflets haven’t been delivered correctly or even delivered at all.

Here at Defenda Leaflet Distribution, customers can be certain of a GOLD STANDARD leaflet distribution service throughout Solihull.  We provide Live GPS Tracking with every single leaflet delivery service. So, if new customers aren’t convinced by our 25 years in the business of direct marketing, they can be confident in a company that actively welcomes the scrutiny of its customers.

The simple message for making leaflet distribution in and around Solihull a dynamic part of your marketing activity is don’t get caught out by cheap, unprofessional leaflet distributors. Always choose a professional leaflet delivery company such as ‘Defenda Leaflet Distribution’ to conduct your leaflet distribution in Solihull and the surrounding areas & maximise the response to your leaflet drops.

As previously mentioned our Live GPS tracking of your leaflet delivery as it is actually happening gives you added peace of mind. Watch us deliver your leaflets or other marketing material live on your PC or other mobile device.

> Find out more about our live GPS tracked leaflet delivery service

If you are seeking professional GPS tracked Solihull leaflet distributors or a company to distribute your booklets, flyers, pamphlets, brochures, magazines or newspapers in Solihull, then why not get in touch to see if we can help. Distribution of planning application notices & statutory notices for planning meetings & road closures can also be handled efficiently with time stamped distribution maps available for proof of delivery.

We Can Help You Launch a Successful Leaflet Campaign…

We began providing door to door distribution services back in 1996 & with far more than a century of combined experience in delivering leaflets and other marketing material in Solihull, Defenda Leaflet Distribution have a wealth of knowledge we can contribute when it comes to building successful leaflet distribution campaigns.

We are extremely happy to, and often do – guide our clients through the entire process of their Solihull leaflet & flyer distribution campaign from start to finish and regularly assist with:

  • The design of their leaflet.
  • Identifying areas that are likely to achieve the best results (Based on detailed demographic info)
  • Providing property counts for the areas being covered 
  • Arranging the printing of the leaflets.

However, If you already have your Solihull leaflet & flyer distribution strategy organised, we are just as happy to play a smaller role in the overall campaign and simply conduct your leaflet delivery the way you want. Taking on board your requirements and executing an extremely thorough and transparent Gold Standard door drop or door to door Solihull leaflet delivery service. Our Solihull leaflet distribution, like all of our work includes Live GPS tracking which is accessible in real-time by our clients.

> Help with planning your leaflet distribution campaign

> Leaflet Printing

assistance with planning your leaflet distribution campaign

Solihull Leaflet Distribution Services

We provide a number of different leaflet distribution services to suit all budgets. Whether you require a completely bespoke distribution campaign or are looking to benefit from a shared distribution at a lower cost we provide the relevant service. 


Live GPS Tracking

No matter which of our distribution plans you decide to go for, we provide real-time GPS tracking with every service, so you can rest assured that your leaflets are actually being delivered, and even monitor your campaign progress as it happens.


Precise Customer Targeting

Ensure your leaflets are being seen by the right people.

We utilise various sets of demographic data that we can use to ensure that your campaign is reaching the most relevant properties and therefore maximising your chances of a successful distribution.


Solus Leaflet Distribution

  • 100% Control Over Your Target Area

  • Your Leaflet Delivered ON ITS OWN

  • Choose Exactly When Your Distribution Happens

  • No Minimum Quantity

  • Live GPS Tracking

Solus Leaflet Distribution Service (Solihull)

The SOLUS distribution service gives you ultimate control over your leaflet distribution campaign. You choose the exact distribution area and the timing of your campaign.

Paired with the fact that your item will also be delivered completely alone means that you won’t be competing for the attention of your potential customers with any other marketing material and therefore much more likely to be noticed and stimulate a response to your offer.

This service also gives you the ability to target areas and people based on specific criteria by utilising our various sets of demographic data to ensure that your leaflets are going to the most appropriate households and greatly increasing the chances of a successful campaign.

The SOLUS service consistently achieves the highest success rates and allows you to maintain control of your leaflet distribution from start to finish. Solus leaflet delivery is a firm favourite with companies who require a precisely targeted marketing campaign.

From Just £89.00 + VAT (per thousand)

Call us now to discuss your Solus leaflet distribution campaign on 01676 939522

Supported Solus Leaflet Distribution

  • 100% Control Over Your Target Area

  • Your Leaflet Can Be Delivered With Just 1 Other Item

  • Choose Exactly When Your Distribution Happens

  • Live GPS Tracking

Supported Solus Leaflet Distribution Service (Solihull)

The Supported Solus leaflet distribution service allows you to maintain total control over your leaflet distribution area and your campaign timing in the same way the SOLUS service does.

You are still be able to plan your campaign based on specific demographics to help ensure your leaflets are reaching the right homes.

The only difference is that your leaflet can be delivered with one or two other non-competing leaflets (you decide) – which allows you to make a saving on your overall distribution price.

This service is perfect for customers who need to target specific locations, but don’t need to be the only item going through the door. As your leaflet is being delivered with only one or two other pieces of marketing material, dilution of your message is kept to a minimum.

From Just £69.00 + VAT per thousand (min 5,000)

Call us now to discuss your Supported Solus leaflet distribution campaign on 01676 939522

2-Share Leaflet Distribution

  • Select Your Distribution Sector

  • Your Leaflet Delivered With Only 1 Other Item

  • Regular Distributions to Avoid Prolonged Delays

  • Live GPS Tracking

2-Share Leaflet Distribution Service (Solihull)

The 2-Share leaflet distribution service allows you to select one of our three Solihull areas for your leaflets to be delivered to.

Your leaflet will be delivered with a maximum of one other non-competing leaflet within the chosen location, therefore minimising the dilution of your marketing message.

As you would only be sharing with one other company, you can select the exact location of at least half of the overall leaflet drop, with the other half being delivered to another part of the same area.

To view and select from our Solihull shared distribution areas, please view our Solihull Shared Leaflet Distribution Maps

The 2-Share leaflet delivery service is ideal for companies and individuals who need to get their leaflets out within a general area on a smaller budget, but don’t want their marketing material delivered with multiple other items.

From Just £55.00 + VAT per thousand (min 5,000)

Call us now to discuss your 2-Share leaflet distribution campaign on 01676 939522

Shared Leaflet Distribution

  • Select Your Distribution Sector

  • Your Leaflet Delivered With Up To 3 Other Items

  • Regular Distributions to Avoid Prolonged Delays

  • Live GPS Tracking

Shared Leaflet Distribution Service (Solihull)

The Shared leaflet distribution service operates similarly to our other 2-share leaflet distribution service in terms of the area selection and the frequency of distribution runs.

The main difference being that your leaflet will be delivered with up to 3 other pieces of non-competing marketing material.

This leaflet delivery service works perfectly for clients who are looking to spread their marketing message and increase sales within a certain area, or are working to a specific budget and still wish to benefit from a professional, Live GPS tracked door to door marketing service.

To view and select your shared distribution area, please view our Solihull Shared Leaflet Distribution Areas.

From Just £45.00 + VAT per thousand (min 5,000)

Call us now to discuss your Shared leaflet distribution campaign on 01676 939522

Flexi-Drop Leaflet Distribution

  • Incredibly Low Price

  • Leaflet Delivered With Upto 3 Other Items

  • Flexible Distribution Option

  • Quantity Discount

    Book 20,000 Leaflets & Pay £35.00 + VAT per thousand

  • Live GPS Tracking

Flexi-Drop Leaflet Distirbution Service (Solihull)

The Flexi-Drop leaflet distribution service offers a very powerful way to get your marketing message into the hands of your potential customers at an incredibly low price.

It is perfectly suited to clients that are able to be more flexible in terms of  their distribution location and the timing of their campaign. With the Flexi-Drop service, your leaflets can be delivered to any – or all of the areas that fall in to our Solihull Shared Leaflet Delivery Areas.

Although slightly reducing the overall control over your distribution campaign, customers who are not geographically restricted when it comes to attracting new clients and can be flexible with timings can achieve an extremely high level of coverage and still have the ability to monitor their campaign in real time with our Live GPS tracking system.

From Just £35.00 + VAT per thousand (when booking 20,000)

Or try the minimum quantity of 5,000 for just £39.00 + VAT per thousand

Call us now to discuss your Flexi-Drop leaflet distribution campaign on 01676 939522

Book 20,000 Leaflets on our Flexi-Drop Service & Pay Just £35.00 + VAT (per thousand)

Business-to-Business Leaflet Distribution

  • No Minimum Quantity

  • Leaflet Delivered Completely On It’s Own

  • Flexible Distribution Option

  • Live GPS Tracking

Business to Business (B2B) Leaflet Distribution Service

Our B2B or business to business flyer & leaflet distribution is the perfect service for companies wishing to target other businesses with their marketing material.

As with all of our services it comes with complete GPS tracking. Something which allows you to monitor the distribution of your flyers or leaflets in real-time on your computer or mobile devices such as smart phones.

The service is available for industrial estates, trading estates & retail parks throughout the Midlands & even nationally where required.

So if you want to discuss a B2B leaflet distribution campaign in cities such as Coventry, Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby or smaller towns like Nuneaton, Leamington, Solihull, Wolverhampton or Walsall, then why not get in touch for more information or click here.

Call us for B2B Leaflet Delivery Prices

Call us now to discuss your B2B leaflet distribution campaign on 02476 465000

Get in Touch Now to Start Your Solihull Leaflet Drop

Reliable Leaflet, Menu and Flyer Distribution in Solihull and Surrounding Areas

We provide an extremely professional and reliable LIVE GPS tracked leaflet distribution service across the whole of Solihull and to the smaller, more rural surrounding locations such as: Balsall Common, Shirley, Monkspath, Knowle, Dorridge, Dickens Heath, etc.

It is extremely important to be able to trust your chosen leaflet distribution partner, and to ensure that your important marketing material is actually being delivered, which can unfortunately be a tough enough endeavour on it’s own if you aren’t extremely careful when selecting the company to entrust with delivering your leaflets.

> Choosing the right leaflet delivery company

This is why we provide real-time GPS tracking with each and every one of our leaflet delivery services – Meaning you can personally monitor our distribution staff and keep tabs on the progress your marketing campaign as it happens, for added peace of mind that your distribution is being handled professionally.

Monitor your Solihull leaflet drop as it happens, from your PC, Laptop, Tablet or any other mobile device.

> More about our Live GPS Tracking System

Targeting Specific Areas of Solihull With Your Direct Mail / Circular Distribution Campaign

As a local leaflet delivery company our distributors have excellent knowledge of Solihull, Balsall Common, Meriden, Hampton in Arden, Knowle, Dorridge & Bentley Heath and the other smaller villages and communities nearby as our distribution teams cover the areas on an extremely regular basis.

This provides invaluable familiarity with the area, enabling us to ensure that your leaflet distribution in Solihull is as efficient as possible.

Being a very affluent Borough, Solihull can be an extremely effective area to target with leaflet distribution, and often results in excellent response rates to marketing campaigns if they are carried out properly.

With our numerous sets of demographic data we are able to pin-point specific groups of people based on a range of different criteria, from within a larger overall area to help ensure that your leaflets are going through the most relevant letterboxes, and in turn generating a much higher return on investment than a more general and less organised leaflet drop around Solihull.

So if you require professional and reliable leaflet distribution throughout Solihull in areas such as Balsall Common, Meriden, Hampton in Arden, Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath, just give us a call and we will be delighted to help you start planning a completely bespoke leaflet distribution campaign.

> Find out more about precisely targeted leaflet delivery in Solihull here

Leaflet Printing and Design Service

example of leaflet design

Professional Leaflet Design Service


Here at Defenda Leaflet Distribution, most of our senior management team come from newspaper advertising departments – having gained a wealth of experience in how to make advertising work – they are perfectly placed to give practical advice on how to make your leaflet work. Somebody is always available to give Free Practical Advice on how to gain the most from your leaflet delivery campaign – so if you have any questions simply get in touch.


Clients seeking more comprehensive design help with their leaflet & other marketing material will be delighted to know that we can also offer full support from a first class graphic design studio. Whether you are starting out from scratch on initial brand development or undertaking a rebranding exercise we are perfectly positioned to help you achieve outstanding results in terms of aesthetics & also getting your message out to potential clients.

We can also develop your web site & help you achieve a meaningful online presence with SEO services.

stack of designed leaflets

Huge Discounts On Leaflet Printing

Benefit from our Superb Quality Print Service at Unbelievably Low Prices

We buy millions of leaflets every year on behalf of customers & as a result we receive huge discounts on our print buying from the printers we partner with. We pass much of this discount on to our clients helping them control their own print costs and allowing them to invest more of their marketing budget into getting their message through letterboxes.

We have worked with our chosen printers for many years & can assure clients that we place great emphasis on print quality & any print will be of a very high standard. A range of paper grades & finishes can be selected & very short lead times can be achieved except during extremely busy times of the year.

We can also organise the printing of various other business material such as business cards, compliment slips, brochures, promotional banners, menus and much, much more.

For more information regarding our leaflet design & leaflet printing services, give us a call or drop us an email and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Exhibition and Event Promotion With Targeted Flyer and Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet distribution is a great way to promote festivals, conferences and other events

We can help make your event a resounding success with our professional GPS tracked leaflet distribution service.

Not only do we provide completely transparent distribution of your promotional leaflets & flyers…we can, if required, also demographically map areas prior to distribution based on the sort of attendees you hope to attract to the event. Metrics such as age, wealth, homeownership and many more can be used to target your ideal target audience.

We are the areas longest established leaflet distribution company & were the first U.K. leaflet distributors to introduce GPS tracked delivery that allows customers to watch our teams deliver their leaflets in real-time on their computers or mobile phones. So if you want to place the distribution of your exhibition or event marketing material in safe hands call or email us today.

We regularly distribute flyers promoting concerts, food exhibitions, home & lifestyle exhibitions, overseas property ownership events, wedding shows, pet shows and even firework displays.

We also help organisers promote engineering and other trade shows with our B2B distribution service.

Why choose us for your leaflet and flyer distribution in Solihull?

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For any company embarking on a leaflet or flyer distribution campaign: it is crucial that they can be confident that the leaflet & flyer distribution company that has been employed to carry out the delivery can be relied upon to conduct the delivery professionally & transparently.

Here at Defenda Leaflet Distribution we have been delivering leaflets & flyers since 1996 & are passionate about providing a totally transparent & professional service. We were the first leaflet distributors to offer GPS leaflet distribution & all our distributors or deliverers carry GPS trackers allowing clients to monitor them in real-time during the leaflet & flyer delivery process.

No other leaflet distributor is more transparent or professional in the distribution services they offer. So for professional leaflet distribution we are the natural choice of companies seeking the ultimate in door to door delivery.