What is GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution…

What is GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution and why is it so Important?

Example of Live GPS Tracking with individual distributors colour coded.

For those relatively new to door to door or letterbox marketing or even companies considering leaflet delivery to generate additional sales for the first time—using a leaflet distribution company that offers GPS tracked delivery should be an absolute must.

As it suggests, GPS tracked leaflet distribution entails using technology by way of GPS trackers to record the delivery of your leaflets.

There are huge benefits to be gained from GPS tracked leaflet delivery — not least its potential to reduce scammers from taking payment & then not delivering all or some of your leaflets. It should also help prevent a leaflet distributor delivering to an area that suits them & not the area agreed with you prior to the delivery commencing.

However, it is important to establish with a potential leaflet delivery company, exactly what type of tracked delivery they provide before you commission them to undertake your leaflet distribution.


Worthless Tracked Delivery

Some companies claim that their work is GPS tracked—but in reality the only thing tracked is the vehicle that is supposedly carrying the distributors. This level of tracked service is obviously little better than worthless in terms of informing whether leaflets have actually passed through letterboxes.

A Step In The Right Direction

A step in the right direction is to select a company that provides trackers to individual leaflet distributors & captures data sufficiently often to show the leafleters visiting each door. This should be the absolute minimum service level you demand before parting with any money. The problem with this service is that often companies will only provide the tracking after the job is completed & some unscrupulous leaflet distribution companies have been known to manipulate or even fake distribution tracking reports.

The Gold Standard

The gold standard of leaflet distribution is offered by a worryingly few companies. You should, wherever possible, attempt to work with an organisation that not only tracks individual distributors, but actually goes the extra mile when it comes to transparency and also provides LIVE CUSTOMER ACCESSIBLE GPS TRACKING. This gold standard service allows you to log into the tracking software of the leaflet distribution company in real-time & watch as their distributors deliver your marketing material. You can even use your mobile phone to guide you to the exact door the distributor is at. So, not only can you watch in real-time — you can, if you wish, even watch in real-life.

Defenda Marketing Services Ltd trading as Defenda Leaflet Distribution were the first U.K. leaflet distribution company to offer GPS tracking & we pride ourselves on providing highly effective & completely transparent GOLD STANDARD sample & leaflet distribution services: not only in Coventry, Leamington, Warwick, Birmingham & Leicester but across the whole of  the U.K.

Our customer accessible live GPS tracked leaflet distribution service is available whether you are booking shared leaflet distribution (shareplan) or going for a solus leaflet delivery.



Defenda Leaflet Distribution is a trading name of Defenda Marketing Services Ltd

Although we are headquartered in Coventry, we have offices across the Midlands & provide weekly & monthly leaflet delivery services in Birmingham, Leicester, Nuneaton, Warwick, Leamington, Kenilworth, Rugby and solus leaflet distribution to any mainland U.K. city, town or village that clients require.