To B2B or Not To B2B, That Is The Question…

When it comes to B2B leaflet distribution…

We are often asked by potential new clients “Will B2B leaflet distribution work for my company?”. The question should really be “Why wouldn’t B2B leaflet & flyer distribution work?”. The major challenge of course with any B2B flyer distribution campaign is getting your unaddressed marketing message into the hands of somebody that can respond to it. Unlike with a residential door drop, where whoever picks up the leaflet is likely to be a potential customer, you may be relying on employees to pass on your B2B leaflet to your intended target.

In the run up to Christmas, venues advertising themselves as the perfect place for a company Christmas party have no trouble: staff are often only too pleased to ensure their leaflets or flyers end up on the right person’s desk.

However, on a cold & wet day in January, a leaflet advertising your superb accountancy services may not be met with the same level of staff enthusiasm.

So if you’re not advertising a Christmas party venue or something that will directly benefit staff, what can be done to improve the chances of your marketing material being seen by the right person. Firstly, it has to be said that we have been providing residential & B2B leaflet distribution services since 1996 and have found even a basic B2B distribution campaign can be highly effective & generally sufficient numbers of leaflets are picked up by business owners, senior managers or passed on by staff to make the venture a great success. But with a little more effort & planning it is possible to massively improve response rates & conversions from your B2B leaflet & flyer activities. We call it Enhanced B2B & it is very, very simple: it merely involves identifying the position of the person in an organisation that is most likely to respond to your message and flagging the marketing material for their attention. This can be done by having leaflets printed to indicate the position of the intended recipient or having us place your sales pitch in a printed envelope prior to distribution.

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