Successfully Promoting Events With Flyer & Leaflet Distribution…

Leaflet distribution is a great way to promote festivals, conferences and other events

Leaflet distribution is a great way to promote festivals, conferences and other events

Leaflet & flyer distribution is a fantastic way to promote your event — but it’s absolutely crucial to ensure you are working with a professional leaflet distribution company in order for it to work.

Unlike many leaflets distributed on behalf of retailers & other businesses with a more fluid delivery timescale: missed leaflet & flyer delivery deadlines for exhibitions & events can be disastrous & extremely costly. Leaflets delivered after the event or even too close to the date of it are absolutely useless — leaving the event under-attended & the organisers disappointed & often substantially out of pocket.

Our advice to anybody tasked with organising the distribution of promotional material for an event is to avoid companies using a paid listing on search engines to promote National Leaflet Distribution. They are invariably just leaflet delivery brokers who will outsource your distribution job to the lowest bidder in the area you want them delivered — a recipe for disaster. We know because we have stepped in at the last minute on numerous occasions to help out organisers that have made the mistake of booking with a leaflet broker.

Always attempt to work directly with a good quality local leaflet & flyer distribution company in the area that you want to target. Call them and ideally arrange to visit their premises if it’s possible. Here’s some tips on choosing the right distributor.

Defenda Leaflet Distribution began distributing leaflets & flyers in 1996 & were the first U.K. leaflet distributor to embrace GPS tracked delivery — providing clients with live access to watch their distribution work being done in real-time. See our tips on GPS tracked leaflet distribution.

We provide leaflet distribution services for event & exhibition organisers throughout the Midlands covering all the major cities such as Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry, Nottingham, Wolverhampton & Derby. We are also one of the few leaflet distributors that can provide a truly National leaflet distribution service & regularly work with clients in London & Manchester.



Defenda Leaflet Distribution is a trading name of Defenda Marketing Services Ltd

Although we are headquartered in Coventry, we have offices across the Midlands & provide weekly & monthly leaflet delivery services in Birmingham, Leicester, Nuneaton, Warwick, Leamington, Kenilworth, Rugby and solus leaflet distribution to any mainland U.K. city, town or village that clients require.