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Coventry Solus Leaflet Distribution

Solus Leaflet Delivery in and around Coventry Coventry Leaflet Distribution – Targeted Solus Leaflet & Flyer Delivery in Coventry. Choose the exact areas of the city you want to reach with your leaflet drop. Popular areas include Eastern Green, Mount Nod, Tile Hill, Finham, Styvechale, Cheylesmore, Allesley, Westwood Heath, Earlsdon & Binley. We also cover […]

Solus Leaflet Distribution vs Shared Leaflet Distribution

Solus v Shared Leaflet Distribution When it comes to organising a leaflet delivery campaign you will likely be faced with making a choice between the two most popular methods of leaflet delivery: shared & solus residential leaflet distribution. This article attempts to highlight many of the differences between the two, so you can make an […]

Perfecting the Art of Leaflet Distribution…

Perfecting the Art of Leaflet Distribution to Improve Performance Of course a well designed eye catching leaflet or flyer is very important, but there is more to the art of delivering leaflets than just the leaflet itself. If you are new to leaflet distribution then it’s imperative you choose a leaflet distribution company that will […]

Boost Your Sales & Boost Your Google Ranking With Coventry Leaflet Distribution

Coventry Flyer & Leaflet Distribution Services Our professional GPS tracked Coventry flyer & leaflet distribution services can help you boost sales & your Google website ranking. Here at Defenda Leaflet Distribution we offer you the ultimate in transparent Coventry leaflet delivery. In fact we have been offering full GPS tracking of our leaflet distributors longer […]

Just started a new business & wondering how to market your products effectively?

For many startups, having a good business idea or products is just the start. The next challenge is how to market their services or products cost-effectively. Here at Defenda Leaflet Distribution, we have helped countless fledgling companies with limited advertising budgets harness the immense power of demographically targeted leaflet distribution. Working with newly formed businesses […]

What’s The Pay For Delivering Leaflets…

What is the going rate for delivering flyers & leaflets? It’s a very good question but one that needs to be drilled down on a little in order to give a meaningful answer. Shareplan / Shared Leaflet Distribution Shared leaflet distribution should be paid out at about £70 per thousand for a four share in […]

To B2B or Not To B2B, That Is The Question…

When it comes to B2B leaflet distribution… We are often asked by potential new clients “Will B2B leaflet distribution work for my company?”. The question should really be “Why wouldn’t B2B leaflet & flyer distribution work?”. The major challenge of course with any B2B flyer distribution campaign is getting your unaddressed marketing message into the […]

Successfully Promoting Events With Flyer & Leaflet Distribution…

Leaflet & flyer distribution is a fantastic way to promote your event — but it’s absolutely crucial to ensure you are working with a professional leaflet distribution company in order for it to work. Unlike many leaflets distributed on behalf of retailers & other businesses with a more fluid delivery timescale: missed leaflet & flyer […]

Do you outsource lead generation & sales prospecting?

If your organisation outsources its sales lead generation & prospecting to a third party you may be missing out. Doubtless they do a fabulous job in handling your digital marketing. You probably have a super website with great content & rank highly for relevant search on Google & Bing. Your social media strategy is probably […]

The Franchise Fantasy…

Leaflet distribution franchises seem to be growing in popularity for those looking to start a businesses from a few rungs up the ladder… but what real value do they have for those seeking to have their leaflets delivered? The attraction for the franchisee is obvious: uniform branding across the whole franchise network & a corporate […]