Just started a new business & wondering how to market your products effectively?

For many startups, having a good business idea or products is just the start. The next challenge is how to market their services or products cost-effectively.

Here at Defenda Leaflet Distribution, we have helped countless fledgling companies with limited advertising budgets harness the immense power of demographically targeted leaflet distribution.

Working with newly formed businesses normally starts with a tentative enquiry about how exactly leaflet distribution works & what the cost implications are likely to be. Sadly, such is the reputation of our industry that the initial call is also usually tinged with a degree of suspicion. I wonder how many businesses miss out on the fabulous marketing tool that a well managed leaflet campaign is: purely because the shoddy & often illegal practices of some leaflet distributors, has for many potential clients, tainted the reputation of a whole industry.

If you are one of those company owners that is only reluctantly considering leaflet delivery because of concerns about the professionalism & integrity of leaflet distributors, then there are certain things you can do to allay any fears you harbour. The first of which is to ensure you have the ability to monitor the activities of your chosen distribution partner through GPS tracking (see our piece on choosing the right GPS tracking here).

Oddly, you should also be aiming to pay more per thousand leaflets delivered than is often advertised. It roughly takes a decent leaflet distributor about 7/8 hours to deliver 1000 single/solus leaflets. So if you are being offered rates of £40, £50, £60 or even £70 pound per thousand then the leaflet distributor is likely to be being paid less than the minimum wage even if they received the full amount you are paying…which is highly unlikely. There is a high likelihood that if you pay too little for your leaflets to be delivered then they won’t be.

Having spent time discussing the pitfalls & how to avoid them, you might be tempted to give leaflet distribution a very wide berth — but that would be a terrible mistake when you consider the tremendous value that advertising through leaflet distribution represents.

Even paying a more realistic rate of £85 per thousand, then each leaflet delivered to a potential new client costs just 9 pence per leaflet when delivered on its own, or just 4p when paying £35 per thousand for a shared service.

When compared to newspaper advertising rates, with their massively reduced circulations, or the potential costs of a Google Adwords campaign: leaflet distribution, especially when demographically targeted to your ideal audience & combined with customer accessible GPS tracking is an absolute bargain.

Many larger organisations are waking up to the possibilities offered by a well managed leaflet delivery campaign & increasingly diverse smaller businesses are also exploiting the huge advantages to be gained from working with a professional distributor that can help get their leaflets through the right letterboxes using cutting edge demographic targeting software.

If you manage or own a small business, we would be delighted to help you launch a direct marketing campaign with leaflets, flyers, brochures, newspapers, pamphlets or even charity collection bags. We can also provide product sampling if that’s your plan to market your company.

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Although we are headquartered in Coventry, we have offices across the Midlands & provide weekly & monthly leaflet delivery services in Birmingham, Leicester, Nuneaton, Warwick, Leamington, Kenilworth, Rugby and solus leaflet distribution to any mainland U.K. city, town or village that clients require.