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Making The Most of Your Targeted Leaflet Distribution Campaign

There are a number of ways to try and make the most of your targeted leaflet distribution campaign, but one of the most important things is to ensure that the right people are seeing your leaflet.

For example, if you are marketing your retirement / care home, you will more than likely want to target areas containing people with a higher average age for obvious reasons.

This is where we come in…

We have a huge database of information that allows us to view the whole of the UK based on certain demographics such as average age, affluency and ethnicity, education level, and many other things that you can benefit from during the planning stages of your leaflet distribution campaign. Helping to give you greater insight and a huge advantage over your competitors when it comes to ensuring that your marketing budget isn’t being wasted in areas that are completely irrelevant to your campaign.

Alternatively, if you are conducting a leaflet campaign that is strictly required to cover precise locations such as; notification of planning, road closures, changes of bus routes and other similar projects, you are welcome to send us the maps and we can replicate the exact area for you and provide you with all of the same information as highlighted above.

Map showing specifically chosen areas for leaflet distribution
Map of CV4 9 Postcode area

Targeting by Specific Postcode

Many of our clients plan their leaflet distributions based on specific postcodes in order to target households within a certain location, or because they believe a particular postcode contains a key demographic for their product or service.

By utilising our specialist mapping software, not only can we map exact postcodes for our clients, we can provide both the commercial & residential property counts for these areas and analyse the demographic make up of the postcode to ensure that it is the most appropriate area to target and the campaign is as successful as possible by removing sections of the postcode that you feel aren’t quite suitable for your particular offer.

This can save you money on the printing of additional, unnecessary leaflets or enable you to redirect your leaflets to alternative, more suitable target areas.

Targeted Leaflet Delivery Based on Demographics & What You Already Know About Your Clients.

Most of our clients have a good idea of who their existing customers are & therefore the type of audience most likely to respond to their offering.

Here at Defenda Leaflet Distribution we go much further than simply pushing leaflets through letterboxes (though we’re very good at that too), we also work tirelessly with our customers to ensure that the leaflets we do distribute are targeted to generate the best response rates possible.

We do this by utilising various data to generate a geographical campaign plan which includes the correct demographic to deliver outstanding results.

Along with basic demographic targeting such as: home-ownership, house values, education level, ethnicity & age, we can help you identify your ideal target audience using numerous other filters.

If you want to move your leaflet distribution & letterbox marketing activities to new levels, then contact us to discuss your requirements.

Flyers, circulars or leaflets can be a hugely successful way of generating new sales or getting your message into the hands of potential new clients…but only if you work with a quality leaflet delivery partner like Defenda Leaflet Distribution.


Targeted Leaflet Delivery by District

If you would prefer to plan your leaflet distribution campaign based on specific districts, without having to stick to “pre-defined” or “official” areas, we can certainly help you with this too.

In many cases a particular product or service will have mass appeal regardless of age, socio-economic standing, gender, or any other demographic and you may want to cover a particular area solely down to its location in proximity to you or your business’ location.

If this is the case, we can even map completely bespoke target areas from within any Coventry district (or anywhere in the UK for that matter), and provide you with the demographic breakdown and the residential and commercial property counts for the areas too. So that you know exactly what is needed to cover an area.

Targeted Political Leaflet Delivery Based on Electoral Wards or Constituencies

We can also provide our targeted leaflet distribution service by mapping areas based on political boundaries across Coventry & Warwickshire or throughout the whole UK.

Using electoral data for British council wards & national constituencies, we can work with you to help plan your campaign and make sure your leaflet delivery is targeting specific locations so that your message is picked up and seen by the people you are trying to engage.

This leaflet distribution service is obviously extremely useful for political parties and independent candidates alike, who need to ensure that their important electoral material is reaching constituents in the right places and at the right time.

Professional Leaflet Distribution Service for Elections

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