Do you outsource lead generation & sales prospecting?

If your organisation outsources its sales lead generation & prospecting to a third party you may be missing out.

Doubtless they do a fabulous job in handling your digital marketing. You probably have a super website with great content & rank highly for relevant search on Google & Bing. Your social media strategy is probably succeeding & everything seems fine. The telemarketing they do for you is yielding great results & your ROI for engaging them is making your chairman & the board of directors very happy. But, are you missing out on a great source of new sales leads that your prospector is failing to help you harvest?

Most lead generation companies, whether you want B2B or B2C leads, will be entirely focused on generating leads & channeling them digitally. All but the most enlightened consider any form of analogue marketing irrelevant & risky in the digital age.

There are various reasons for this attitude, not all of them particularly easy to grasp, but nonetheless it usually results in many of their clients failing to capitalise on huge volumes of new sales & customer acquisitions.

Here at Defenda Leaflet Distribution, we long ago embraced digital technology to enhance our customers’ experience of analogue marketing. Being the first UK leaflet distribution company to offer real-time GPS tracked leaflet distribution & demographic targeting, we are certainly no strangers to the benefits of our digital age. The only aspect of our service that remains analogue is the delivery of the leaflet or flyer itself.

More & more lead generation companies are realising that to truly provide the best customer prospecting service to their clients, they really do need to incorporate some form of direct letterbox marketing into their offering.

If your sales support agency, lead generation & prospecting partner doesn’t include flyer & leaflet drops in the services they provide: ask them to visit our website, call or email us.



Defenda Leaflet Distribution is a trading name of Defenda Marketing Services Ltd

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