How to Avoid Being Scammed by Leaflet Distributors…

Avoid Leaflet Dumping

Whilst there will need to be a certain level of trust when you’re commissioning a leaflet delivery company to undertake a flyer distribution campaign — there are some basic things you can do to help you avoid the scammers dumping your leaflets.

Hopefully you’ll find these quick tips on ‘how to avoid being scammed by leaflet distributors’ useful.

Firstly, it makes sense to treat leaflet distribution companies that only offer a mobile phone number with extreme caution.

Avoid Leaflet Dumping

Avoid your leaflets being dumped by spending a little time vetting your leaflet delivery partner

You should also attempt to visit the premises of the leaflet delivery company you are considering working with. Those that have invested in premises are likely to be far more committed to providing a top quality service than somebody working from a bedroom & simply playing with the idea of delivering leaflets.

VAT registration is often a great way to ensure you are dealing with a bone fide business that will deal with you honestly & transparently regarding your circular / leaflet distribution campaign. Companies that haven’t registered their business for VAT but should have, will not hesitate to rip-off a client if they’re not even being straight with the exchequer. Be careful though, as some leaflet delivery organisations have been known to use fake VAT numbers. You can check the validity of VAT numbers here. You can also check company registrations on the Companies’ House website.

Ultimately, you should always ensure you deal with a company that provides live GPS tracking that you can access during your campaign. Defenda Marketing Services which trades as Defenda Leaflet Distribution is completely transparent & has been providing the gold standard customer accessible GPS tracked leaflet delivery services for many years.

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