Supported Solus Leaflet Distribution in Coventry…

Get Almost All Of The Benefits Of Our Full Solus Flyer Delivery Service At A Discount.

Over the last three decades we have seen numerous Coventry ‘leaflet delivery companies’ appear & disappear, often in little more than the blink of an eye — but all having a common claim that they will revolutionise your door to door marketing by doing things differently. Presumably by ‘differently’ they actually mean better. Their short lived existence would suggest they actually delivered nothing different or anything better than was already available from reliable, long standing Coventry leaflet & flyer distributors such as Defenda Leaflet Distribution. (Defenda Marketing Services Ltd to give our full company name).

Whilst there is rarely anything transformative that comes along to allow leaflet distribution to be done ‘differently’… a rare exception being GPS tracked distributors, (we were the first U.K. leaflet distribution company to embrace tracking technology to provide greater transparency for clients), there is some tinkering that can be done to help customers achieve the best results for their budget.

Our supported solus leaflet distribution service is one little tweak that is proving extremely popular with a wide range of clients. Essentially the service allows a customer to choose the exact location & timing of the leaflet drop in the same way they would for a traditional solus leaflet delivery… but at a discounted rate. The discount is made possible as another advertiser’s leaflet, who’s more flexible on timing & geography is used to support the campaign.

We do of course offer the full range of fully GPS tracked shared & solus leaflet distribution services.

If you need help or advice on organising a door to door leaflet campaign, why not call us.

We can help you with demographics, household counts (this helps you avoid overprinting for your target area. Good for the environment & your advertising budget).



Defenda Leaflet Distribution is a trading name of Defenda Marketing Services Ltd

Although we are headquartered in Coventry, we have offices across the Midlands & provide weekly & monthly leaflet delivery services in Birmingham, Leicester, Nuneaton, Warwick, Leamington, Kenilworth, Rugby and solus leaflet distribution to any mainland U.K. city, town or village that clients require.