Need to distribute a small quantity of leaflets…

No Minimum Leaflet Quantity With Our Solus Leaflet Distribution.

If you need to distribute a small quantity of leaflets then our solus leaflet distribution service is just right for you.

The solus or solo leaflet delivery service allows you to control every aspect of your leaflet or flyer distribution. You can set the exact time they are to be delivered (within UK laws governing the times of door to door delivery), the exact location you want them to go to, and very importantly for many customers…the exact number to be distributed.

There is no minimum quantity for the delivery of flyers & leaflets distributed on our solus service. You could stipulate that just one leaflet be delivered but realistically it is better suited to those wanting to have at least several hundreds of leaflets delivered.

Helping our customers drill down to their ideal target audience using our demographic data & geographical mapping as part of their campaign planning support, often results in clients needing to distribute less leaflets to achieve far better results than they have when working with other distributors in the past. When previously using distributors that simply persuade them to adopt a blanket coverage approach these clients have often been needlessly covering areas that have virtually no chance of producing sales or leads. It’s really not too hard to understand why less scrupulous distributors would persuade a client to distribute more leaflets than necessary.

But rest assured, here at Defenda we will never encourage a client to distribute excessive numbers of leaflets just to improve our own bottom line. The flexibility of our solus distribution service means we can help you whether you need 1000, 2000, 3000, or tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of flyers & leaflets delivered.

We work with small local businesses, national & international organisations along with their advertising agencies & marketing companies to provide premium totally transparent GPS tracked leaflet & flyer distribution throughout the Midlands, London & the North.



Defenda Leaflet Distribution is a trading name of Defenda Marketing Services Ltd

Although we are headquartered in Coventry, we have offices across the Midlands & provide weekly & monthly leaflet delivery services in Birmingham, Leicester, Nuneaton, Warwick, Leamington, Kenilworth, Rugby and solus leaflet distribution to any mainland U.K. city, town or village that clients require.