What is Shared Leaflet Distribution…

What Is Shared Leaflet Distribution & What Are The Benefits?

Shared leaflet distribution or shared leaflet delivery is where a client decides on what is sometimes referred to as a share-plan (shareplan) to reduce the cost of having their leaflets delivered on their own (solus).

For those choosing a shared leaflet door drop — you will often be faced with various options. Many of the best leaflet distributors will allow you to select a service with yours & another leaflet being delivered together, commonly known as a two share. This service is likely to be the most expensive of the shared options but still at a reasonable discount compared to a solus service. The area that the leaflets are actually delivered to may be predetermined by the leaflet distribution company or a compromise between the two companies paying for the distribution.

Three share & four share services work in a similar way but with additional leaflets. Professional door droppers or leaflet distributors will ensure that any share plan they undertake does not contain competing material. Make sure your chosen partner does.

Whilst solus distribution means an undiluted message is delivered to your potential customers & results in a higher response rate — a shared service can often be cost effective & an extremely useful addition to an organisation’s marketing strategy.

It is generally the case that the more leaflets contained in a share-plan the lower the response rates — the reason most good leaflet distributors restrict the quantity to four leaflets. Treat any organisation including more than four leaflets in the door drop with extreme caution — as the householders within the drop area will begin to feel they’re the victim of leaflet dumping, when confronted by leaflets scattered around their hallway. This is a common complaint with free magazines & advertising booklets that are crammed with leaflets that often spill out upon posting — causing a mess & great annoyance for the recipient. You are extremely unlikely to sell to someone annoyed by the method of your proposal — so stick to four or less.

Whatever service you select — make sure you are working with a company that GPS tracks their staff and ideally insist on a Gold Standard service.

Some of the better leaflet distributors will provide demographic targeting to help you identify & leaflet drop your ideal target audience.

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